Welcome and protect with an aluminum door

On the threshold of the house and unique in the facade, the front door reflects your personality. Traditional, rustic, modern, original … with aluminum, shapes and colors are at the rendezvous and your door meets all the requirements in terms of thermal insulation and security.

All the advantages of aluminum joinery

Contemporary, aluminum entry doors benefit from all the qualities of aluminum – resistance, reliability, color, and shape. The flexibility of tailor-made makes it possible to have many openings for each style of architecture, from the wide or narrow door, small or imposing, to hinged or pivoting, rectangular or curved models, and to one or two leaves. The front door is your creation!

Double-sided, it also expresses an art of living in which it participates as soon as the threshold is crossed. Whether you have a whimsical, cozy or stripped-down interior, your aluminum front door is as beautiful inside as outside thanks to the two-tone design. This process, exclusive to aluminum, is carried out by anodization or powder coating. These two specialized surface treatments also offer a wide choice of colors and finishes (wood, marble, iron effects, etc.). The aesthetics of your front door can be enriched by decorative accessories (handle, knocker, pull button, etc.). On the filling side, the aluminum entry doors can incorporate solid, glazed or mixed panels. Learn more about bicolouring and finishing possibilities

Aluminum doors

30% of the purchase amount of your new door is deductible from your tax declaration under the tax credit for the energy transition. This must provide excellent insulation, thanks to a heat transfer coefficient less than or equal to 1.7 W / m².K. Choose profiles with thermal break and double glazing with reinforced insulation! Learn more about the conditions of the tax credit

A major role in anti-intrusion and access control

Aluminum entry doors are also strong elements of access control and resistance to intrusion attempts. Combined with burglar-resistant glazing, reinforced hinges and / or high-performance locks, distributing between 3 and 5 closing points on the door, they ensure uniform protection of your home. These security options provide maximum protection without sacrificing aesthetics.

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